The Difference between FTEU and Other Universities is the Affiliated Schools for practicum

At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Farhangian Teacher Education University (FTEU), Mohammad Reza Sarkararani, a teacher educator and professor at Nagoya University of Japan, categorized universities to Market, academics, and governmental. Being a  governmental university, FTEU is previledged and can get benefit from supports of provincial officials and managers.

He stated that  Japanese State is focusing on the establishment of a university with a special teacher training mission. These universities have the highest acceptance rates and students are being educated to be a teacher in schools.
He arguied that science education is the main issue and the work of teacher education. The faculties of science and education do not know the knowledge of educationand pedagogy. Pedagogy, teaching the values ​​and knowledge along with each other form teacher's qualification.
He believed that affiliated schools for each campus and the center isa missing link in teacher education in Iran. Arani stated that  Teacher Education Universities inJapan have at least one affiliated elementary, middle and secondary schools under their supervision and students from the first semester Attend classes.

Constant engagement with schools can lead us to look at the characteristics of our native pedagogy and answer the question of how and what is the mechanism for improving Iranian pedagogy?
Referring to a plan  that teacher education is not limited to teacher education universities,  he pointed ou that interaction with various sectors of society, including mosques, schools, etc., help educated better teachers.


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