25,000 new teachers are ready to teach at schools in the following new academic year

Prof. Khanifar declared that the vivid and clear upstream documents and assignments of Farhangian Teacher Education University (FTEU)  would create reconciliation and coordination among different parts of the university.
Referring to the signing of the approvals of the Board of Trustees of FTEU by the President, He said "The signing of the

approvals by the President (Head of the Board of Trustees) shows that the decisions we make are subject to legal protection."

He also refered to the two training courses on the Fundamental Transformation in System of Education Document (FTSED) for 100 university professors and the design of university programs for the 2025 horizons as well as 2040.

Prof. Khanifer pointed that addition of 1 student to a 24-student lead to a  10 percent reduction of learning as an international fact, he declared that "According to studies by 2031, we will have 19 million students, therefore we  need to attract and educate high quality teachers to meet the needs.

He emphasized that the best teachers for any country, especially our country, are those who are graduated from Teacher Education Universities. Boarding Education, Teaching pedagogical lessons, emphasizing on cultural issues outside the official curriculum and teaching ethics are the factors that, in Iran, are just provided by FTEU.
Prof. Khanifar added that "FTEU is going to accept 25,000 students  for the next year, also and 30,000 student will be admitted through Article 28." "We believe that the best teachers for primary education are those who enter FTEU through national university entrance examinations to pass four years of  education." Said, Pfof. Khanifar.

Prof. Khanifar stated that "We will do our best to elevate the quality of FTEU and approach to our main goals". Dr. Khanifar said that FTEU will deliver 20,000 to 25,000 New educated teacher to the system of education in the following academic year.

Referring to the presence of the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution in FTEU, and his explicit support, he said that "FTEU is important because of its role in education and should be given more attention from the provincial and national authorities.


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