Emphasis on accelerating the helps for flood stricken by FTEU

"Prof. Hussein Khanifar emphasized on the co-ordination for helping flood stricken peole and compensation for the damages." Dr. Kachooian, vice deputy for assessment
According to the Public Relations of FTEU,  Dr. Reza Kachooian condolenced and sympathized with flood stricken people and announced that the flood and its damages in some of the provinces caused deep sadness to the public, especially the community of FTEU.
Referring to the emphasis of theHead of FTEU on the coherence of the public in providing relief for flood stricken people, he thanked the efforts of some provincial campus managers and assistants to help people. "FTEU is ready to use all its facilities to help the people"
Dr. Kachooian ordered his experts to submit a supplementary report on the activities done by FTEU in flood stricken areas.

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