A meeting of young advisers of Head of FTEU was held.

A meeting of young advisers of head of Farhangian Teacher Education University, with the presence of Prof. Khanifar, Mahshid Bastani, head of the Department of Public Relations, and young colleagues from different departments of the headquarter of FTEU was held with the aim of presenting new ideas and plans.
Considering the provisions of the second step of the Islamicevolution which has recently been posed by the  Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Prof. Khanifar, the head of FTEU, pointed out five fundamental points in this regard. Political stability, security and territorial integrity, improved political knowledge and insight of people, resistance against problems, the youth as the axes of realizing and evolving the Iranian society and the emphasis on the country's opportunities were mentioned by him.
Dr. Khanifar stated that the youth must be paid more attention, since they are going to make the future. Emphasized on the need for capital management in Iran, he declared that "We need to be positive for the move and see the strengths realisticly. Supervision and Law are the main factors of quality and development. We must begin to promote ourselves, and move forward boldly, courageously, critically and with respect."
Dr. Khanifar focused on the ideas of young people and said that: "The youth are a world, a world of power."
in this meeting the young advisors of the head of FTEU Expressed thier point of views and ideas on related issues.
This is noteworthy that the meeting was  supported by the Deputy Director of Supervision, Evaluation and Quality Assurance of FTEU.

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