Commemoration of One- Hundred years of Teacher Education in Iran

The Commemoration of one-hundred years teacher Education in Iran was held on Friday, May 3, 2019 in International Symposium auditorial of IRIB with the presence of veterens of  teachers education.
At the beginning of this Commemoration , Dr. Ali Baqer Taherinia, Deputy Director of Research and Technology of Farhangian Teacher Education University (FTEU) and Vice-Chancellor of the headquarter of the Commemoration,  referred to the late Martyr Motahhari as a symbol of the current perspective of teachers among generations of The Islamic Revolution and said that "Today we are at the service of one of the most respectable folks of the siciety, the teachers.
Referring to the report of the committees of the commemoration, he stated that: "With these actions, the identity of FTEU was formed. This is an unforgettable service to FTEU and system of Education in Iran. The same program in a smaller scale is being held all over the country in 31 provinces to   appreciate the vetern teachers. Today we inaugurate the symbolic museum of teacher education honors, and this museum means the identity of teacher education and has a lasting effect. Tomorrow, we will host the presidency in the hall of the summit to unveil six books and a memorial stamp of one hundred years teacher educatio in Iran. There are five thousand pages of the document about the history of teacher education and its ups and downs available to colleagues to reflect on the reasons for the formation, history and philosophy of of teacher education in Iran. FTEU is proud to be the seventh university of the country that owns the museum, our colleagues did their best to collect these documents and thanks to the Almighty God, before the documents disappeared, they were codified. Tomorrow, the first volume of the five-volume teacher education package will be unveiled.


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