Prof. Khanifar: Commemoration of Teacher Education is the Appreciation of Education

"We should belive in students since they are going to build the future of our country." Prof. Khanifar, the head of the Farhangian Teacher Education University (FTEU).

According to the Public Relations of FTEU, Prof. Hussein Khanifar, in the Commemoration of hundred years Teacher Education in Iran, and appreciation of the teacher's position held in the auditorium of IRIB, stated that humans have a dual existence; the foot on the earth and the head in the sky. Teaching, experimentation and research come true about human beings, and our country is historically distinct from other civilizations due to its background of teaching and learning.

He stated that "the oldest method of teaching was the direct interaction between teacher and apprentice. In the religion of Islam,  Teacher's position is very high, the great teachers like Abu Rihān arrived in the yard at night and would whisper with himself, which is the same as a loud thought, that Today is considered as one of the methods of research. Abu Rihan annonced that where are the kings and princes to say if they have taken the pleasure from their throne that I took from today's classroom?

The head of FTEU referred to the fact that 207 years ago, Abbas Mirza sent a group  abroad to be educated. 167 years ago Darolfonoon was established by Amir Kabir and he import a group of teachers to Iran to teach in Dar Al Fonoun School. A hundred years ago, Dar Al Moalemin was founded, and today we celebrate the commemoration of hundred years teacher Education.

He also emphasized that  considering leader's statements on the second step of the Islamic Revolution is our main duty.  "It is a divine opportunity to be a teacher, teaching is not a job but dignity. The world today is a world of explosion, change, knowledge and cyberspace, and has a fast pace. The movement should be injected into the education system.  we need fundamental changes in our system of education, If we want to strengthen our society, our education must be strong. Creativity, entrepreneurship, risk taking and boldness are the characteristics of transformation. One percent of any community is creative and should be discovered and directed.


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