Postgraduate Programme in Farhangian University



Our postgraduate programme is now restricted to Graduate Degree (MA. in Teaching ...) and our PhD programme is not yet operational. Farhangian Teacher Education University (FTEU) offers several fields of Graduate studies in its effort to transform the I.R. of Iran into a higher teacher education hub of brilliance at the regional and international level. FTEU firmly strives to produce well-balanced teachers from the academic, moral, and ethical perspectives. FTEU currently has the highest percentage of teacher students at BA. level in Iran and already paves way for graduate programme. It also provides a conducive environment and invaluable learning experience to its students. Non-colleague applicants must submit for University Entrance Examination (UEE) which is conducted every year for graduate studies. Graduate Programme which is a two-year program with around 35 credit hours is conducted on a full-time basis. Those teacher colleagues who are interested in our graduate education programme must submit their applications through the Faculty of Education providing that they have already got their BA. and still are involved in teaching profession. These teacher colleagues will be qualified as well. Graduate programme is a two-year program with around 35 credit hours.

 (More information will be soon provided in the website).



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