Faculty of Educational Studies




Faculty of Educational Studies in Farhangian Teacher Education University (FTEU) comprises of several departments aiming to excel in teaching, research as well as consultancy and extension services in different areas. The Bachelor of Education is a four-year program with around 135 credit hours. To produce competent graduates, the curriculum of teacher education has been widely revised. And also to maximize the qualification of our enterprise and to let efforts move in alignment with our needs and wants, we required to follow the upstream documents for development. Integration of competencies is among the unique features of the revised curriculum which has been manifested in PCK courses relevant to teacher education. And it can include : combined knowledge of the field, curriculum of the field, teaching the field, and creating effective educational opportunities in the field. The process of internship curriculum with an emphasis on reflective observation, narrative writing , thoughtful analysis of experience (as the elements of wise actions) and the use of action research, case studies and narrative research (as wise teacher training methods) provide teacher students with opportunities to learn lifelong skills and continuous professional development. Beside general and special courses in FTEU, teacher students are thoughtfully involved in PCK courses some of which are as follows: Philosophy of teaching in the field, teaching strategies in the field, instructional design in the field, specific professional experience in the field, content analysis in the field, design of learning unit in the field, and curriculum in the field. In our graduate Programme, we offer Master of Education (M.Ed) in the fields requiring students to complete both coursework and a thesis. M.Ed comprises a 36 credit hours coursework. All the following departments are functioning under the supervision of Faculty of Educational Studies.





Department of Education

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Department of Biology

Department of Persian Language and Literature

Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Department of English Language and Literature

Department of History

Department of Geograpy

Department of Social Studies

Department of Physical Education

Department of Islamic Science (Theology)

Department of Art (Visual Communication) 

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