Memorandum of Understanding for Scientific and Educational Cooperation Was Signed Between Farhangian University (FU) and the Iranian Association of History





In a meeting, the Deputy of Research and Technology of FU, Dr.Saki , and the head of the Iranian Association of History, Dr. Yousefifar, signed Memorandum of Understanding for Scientific and Educational Cooperation . Both sides discussed on how to bring the MoU into action and implement it while using all capacities for the exchange of experiences. FU has so far signed several MoUs with universities and scientific-research centers to fulfil developmental programs. Followings are some issues incorporated into the aforementioned MoU.


  • Collaboration and participation in design and implementation of joint research projects through the exchange of required facilities.
  • Cooperation on holding mutually-agreed lectures, meetings and scientific trips;
  • Exchange of scientific information and providing easy access to experimental assets including books, periodicals and other scientific resources.
  • Providing the basis to exploit the potential of the both sides on education and research fields;
  • Giving rebate of registration charge to teacher-students who are interested in participating scientific communities, workshops, conferences, short-term trainings and other scientific and educational benefits of Iranian community of history


The full text of this memorandum is available on the website of the deputy of research and technology of FU.

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