ALL FU campuses will be equipped with high-speed internet access


Dr. Tajfar, Director of the Technology Center of Farhangian University, stated that running mass storage system is one of the most important projects carried out recently. He expressed that there used to be data saving problems due to lack of free space, however, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, technical committee of data saving coordination has been formed and within a month tender-offer documents were prepared and the executor has been elected recently. Finally, so-called free space will be accessible in several weeks.


Additionally, Referring to the demands for video-conference, Tajfar added that in order to facilitate this process, a long-term plan is set, however, especial software and professional cameras must be provided to run this plan that takes months, hence, temporarily a lower-quality video conference is activated and couple of video conferences have been conducted between Dr. Mehrmohammadi and Vice Presidents of FU. Also, Official-Financial Faculty has been conducting weekly video conferences. "The contract was signed in early 95 and will be completed by the end of the year." said Tajfar. "Although the colleagues has been satisfied with current system, the video and audio quality will be improved."  He also regards economization of the commuting expenses for face to face meetings as the benefit of this system. Dr. Tajfar expressed that they are going to provide professional cameras for 31 states and some  reasonable cameras will be purchased for other campuses and centers so that the can make use of these technologies so that Video conference between CFU and other campuses and Chancellor's speeches would be held via video conference in the future.


About connecting FU's system to the government's system he said that Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between FU and head of Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation of I.R. of Iran Presidency and currently all FU centers in Tehran and Karaj are connected to this system.


Referring to the emphasis of head of FU about solving internet problem and management dashboard, Tajfar told that in order to solve internet problems, reasonable and suitable solutions are going to be used. Therefore, correspondence with ISPs to provide internet access for all campuses has been stated. Instead of buying servers, to reduce expenses they are going to rent one from of information technology organization. Also, tender offer of Management dashboard that provides access to essential information for managers and facilitate the process is about to be ready.


Developing Virtual education is one of the priorities of FU and IC is to provide essential infrastructures for Education faculty that is in charge of running mobile-learning project. Fortunately, IC has been talking with a company to have the best performance.




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