Dr. Saki on the research activities of Farhangian University (FU)


Dr. Saki declared that provision of infrastructures leads research out of isolation. Deputy of Research and Technology has planned variety of programs to be performed in the current academic year (2016). In order to focus more on these plans, an interview is held with Dr. Saki (Head of Deputy of Research and Technology).


Would you please introduce the most important research plans of the Deputy of Research and Technology?


First of all, I would like to appreciate all participants and staff in Deputy of Research and Technology in the past year whose works and endeavor brought us the highest advantages. I hope all efforts would end up growth and development of this Department, remarkably the developing research Department would have more opportunity to grow.


 In recent years we have practically been to provide research infrastructures in FU and today we can deduce that research is coming out of seclusion in FU. We have apportioned reasonable credit to research and we are likewise confident to be given chance of getting them. In accordance with previous efforts, we have endorsed a few noteworthy arrangements to be performed in 2016 that would be clarified one by one. Along with the solution of strategic plan of FU with the title of  “Speculation And Theorizing in Developing Native Discourse Of Teacher Education” , the main arrangement is to create educator training talk with 5 essential activities including:

1) Scientific meetings (in administrative headquarters),

2) Scientific meetings (in provincial branches),

3) Supporting seminars related to teacher education (out of FU,

4) Supporting teacher education oriented dissertation and thesis,

5) Supporting interdisciplinary problem-oriented dissertations governing the fields of education


The goal of this plan is to develop teacher education discourse that has been neglected in our country. Our second plan is to produce and release curriculum and scientific- educational works related to teacher education such as supporting compilation of textbooks and scientific-educational books (interdisciplinary). This year, it is supposed to have a call for compiling needed textbooks. With regard to FU priorities we are hopeful to have a leap for our scientific production. Furthermore, we are open to all scientific book publications whose applications are related to FU missions. The next plan is to develop scientific and research seminars in FU which support provincial scientific seminars related to teacher education. Fu branches are predicted to hold related seminars with a good deal of authority and facilities.


Library standardization and developing essential infrastructures for accessing scientific resources is another plan of Deputy of research and technology in 2016. Provision of grants for faculty members is a serious decision in the current year.  Faculty member can allocate his entire grant in 2016 to his desired research field and progress with regard to research policy of FU. He can also merge his grant with other researchers' grants to follow a common research. This is a significant capacity that faculty members and university professors should take into account.


To develop student research we have special plans. In the following year, we attempt to hold student-teachers festival, empowering workshops for students, also we try to develop student teacher club and to support research oriented papers. Conveying global update knowledge related to pedagogy of teacher education in the medium of text translation, is of predicted programs of Deputy of research and technology in the following year that includes frame making with holding translation workshop, identifying and summarization and informing foreign texts compatible with pedagogy field of teacher education and teacher education texts translation. Now, we use this opportunity and get in touch with individuals that are familiar with global scientific resources in field of teacher education to see if they are ready to participate in such fields.

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