In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, 23000 student teachers will participate in Teacher's Oath Taking Ceremony in Mashhad



Dr. Sadiqzadeh in an interview conducted by Young Journalists club declared that:


In collaboration with the Ministry of education, 23000 student teachers, who have already completed their educations and are supposed to become formal teachers, will be sent to Mashhad to participate in oath taking ceremony on this occasion.


Vice President Supervisor of Cultural Affairs of Farhangian University (FU) announced that 23000 student teachers that will be graduated in 2016 are sent to Mashhad in August and September to participate in oath taking ceremony on the occasion of becoming teachers. Alireza Sadiqzadeh stated that the first group of FU graduates are 13000 student teachers (prepared for elementary schools) and the 10000 other ones (prepared and trained to work in secondary levels) should start their teaching jobs in October, hence they are provided with compulsory summer term to facilitate employment process. Consequently, FU is to educate educational and cultural guidelines to graduates along with helping them obtain scientific experience in the summer semester.


Moreover, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and with regards to the emphasis of the Minister of Education this program will be definitely performed and student teachers will take teacher’s oath in one of the portico in Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine.


He said that: FU, on all occasions, focuses on reinforcing religious, cultural and revolutionary aspects of student teachers and this project entitled (In presence of clement Imam) is among the top cultural plans in FU. We hope the ministry of education and Astan Quds Razavi will participate in this project so as to obtain desired results.

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