Prof. Mehr Mohammadi's message on the occasion of the beginning of summer semester

Cherishing the beginning of summer semester, Prof. Mehr Mohammadi, Head of Farhangian University (FU) considered it as a difficult but sweet and pleasant task. The full text of his message is as follows:




Dear student teachers and academic colleagues


Although performing summer semester is a difficult task, it has great pleasure and is especially sweet due to its fruitful advantages. Consequently, we should accept and run it with the reason of wisdom .


Unavoidably, summer semester is a diligent work for student teachers and understudy instructors since they have to spend their mid year for doing undertakings that is not alluring in this season. However, as it would facilitate the process of employment and giving service to students and country its pleasure is duplicated.


Running summer semester brings difficulty for university and staff and also consuming the summer time with homework programs which is inconsistence with "continuous academic year policy" of FU. But as facilitation of graduation is in line with main mission of FU, it is acceptable, defendable and pleasant for all staff participating in summer semester.


The ministry of Education is the main beneficiary of running this plan. Ministry of Education would benefit the most achievements and interest from human resource provision aspect due to the least expense and also financial economization. All student teachers and staff should be happy and thank on account of playing such a key role in making this dream come true.


At the end, I am hopeful that the first group of graduates along with their professional performance be the honor of academics and bring pleasure and joy to education Department and people.


I pray for all colleagues and student teachers to be healthy and prosperous.


Prof.Mehr mohammadi

Active chancellor of Farhangian University

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