Establishment of The Chair

The goal of UNESCO Chair on Teachers as Life Long Learners is closely related to UNESCO’s major approaches for sustainable development. We, in Farhangian University, a dedicated university to teacher teaching, training and development, calling  upon UNESCO Member States, Chairs, professional organizations and communities to employ the proposed strategies, and to implement the action items in a concerted effort to realize the full potential of high quality teacher education to positively renew educational systems, to achieve our objectives, and ultimately to benefit children, youth and life-long learners of all ages.

The implementation  and development of UNESCO Chair on Teachers as Life Long Learners, was the  major outcome in 2015. At the beginning, we established the strategic council for the chair with the presence of honorable scholars with related experience and fields of interest.

Types of Activities

Although activities of the chair are embedded in the objectives, some of which are highlighted as follows:  

  • Short term training
  • Doing  research projects
  • Visiting scholars and other universities
  • Institutional development
  • Establishing network of teachers 
  • Organizing conferences and workshops
  • Publishing newsletter 

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