Activities 2014

a) Education/Training/Research

  1. Joint program with Int department of Farhangian University:

Workshop on “Mathematics education, learning, teaching, teacher education in a digital era”, Tehran & Isfahan, Feb. 2016


b) Conferences/Meetings

a) The opening ceremony of the UNESCO Chair on Teachers as Lifelong Learners at Farhangian University (FU) 6 September 2015

The opening ceremony of the UNESCO Chair on "Teachers as Lifelong Learners” was held with the speech of Prof. Dr. Mehrmohammadi, acting president of FU, Dr. Nasiri Gheidari , head of the National Commission for UNESCO in Iran, Dr. Navid Adham , Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Education, in administrative building of FU.

  1. The Expert meeting on the concept of "Teachers as Lifelong Learners", 6 Sept. 2015 :

after the opening of the first session of the UNESCO Chair at FU, the concept of "Teachers as Lifelong Learners" was explained by Prof. Dr. Mehrmohammadi, and a group of experts in the panel provided for technical discussion on the issue. Dr. Eimani and Mr. Soltani (experienced and professional teachers) were also two other participants of the panel who gave practical first hand experiences and suggestions for teachers on how to be lifelong learners. 


  1. Expert meeting to review The « Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all. EFA GMR Report 2013/2014 », With the presence of Prof. Mehrmohammadi and Dr. Monireh Rezai, The honorable translator,  Nov. 2015.


  1. Joint Program with Iran Curriculum Studies Association and Educational Science Association, March 2016:

EXPERT MEETING on Teachers’ Professional Development Lecturers.

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi, Dr. Nicholas Hopwood, Dr. Ebrahim Talaee

  1. national conference entitled: “rethinking and foresight in the Iranian teaching and learning system, in view of the rapid contemporary global changes”, on February 22 and 23, 2016 in Tehran.

The purpose of this conference was threefold:

(1) to find out if existing innovation system literature share an understanding of the functions that are served in an innovation system and

(2) to make a convergence among different apprehension of functions of a National Innovation System through exploiting system theory especially Viable System Model

(3) to elaborate on a taxonomy of the different activities in a National Innovation System.


c) Interuniversity Exchanges/Partnerships


General consensues with:  UNESCO Chair on "TRAINING TEACHERS IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY", ENS de lyon :

Upon Prof.  Luc’s visit to I.R. Iran on …… the below mentioned meetings were held :

  • Visit to UNESCO-Sponsered Imam Mahdi School and meeting with teachers and head of the school
  • Visit to Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University and Education Department Professors.
  • Meeting with Representative of “Textbook and Curriculum DevelopmentOffice”, Ministry of Education, I.R. Iran.

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