Vice-presidency for supervision, Assessment and quality Assurance

Vice-presidency for supervision, Assessment and quality Assurance

 Supervision, assessment and quality assurance is a key to the success of the prestigious universities across the globe.

Farhangian University’s vice-presidency for Supervision, Assessment and quality Assurance is home to three departments:

1- The Office for Assessment and Organizational Excellence. The mission of this department is to achieve a high quality in management, processes and outputs. Apart from managerial affairs, this office assesses the status of educational, cultural and research subsystems and the other technical services provided by FU.

The assessment of the following components is tasked with the Office for Assessment and Organizational Excellence.

  • The academic system,
  • The performance of university’s sub-system,
  •  The degree of fulfillment in the Strategic Document of FU,
  • The annual policies and programs of FU,
  •  The degree of improvement and development of the administrative system,
  • The management of organizational performance,
  • The internal assessment of educational departments ,
  • Ad hoc assessment of respective centers,
  • The degree of success in executing the approvals of the FU’s  Board of Trustees and Board of Directors, and
  • The establishment of the management for organizational excellence and quality.

2-The Management for Professional Development aims at improving the organizational efficiency and efficacy via turning the individuals into self-taught learners. It also provides the faculty members and the staff with chances to professional development. So, by adopting a scientific approach to education, this department follows a four-stage cycle including:

  • Needs Measurement,
  • Preparing academic calendar,
  • Organizing courses on professional development, and
  • Assessing the organized courses on professional development.

 The main function of this department is to detect the professional development needs of the human resources and meet them.

3-The Center for Assessing the Professional Competencies of Human Resources: aims at providing a medium for developing the capabilities of human capital in FU to enhance their professional competencies. This department directs its activities by observing the principles, policies, strategies and general agendas dominant in supervision, Evaluation and quality assurance. Moreover, this department has the mission to qualify the professional competencies and organizational excellence in all levels of FU.

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