The vice-presidency for Student Affairs


Dr. Parviz Ansari Rad, the Vice-president for Student Affairs: “Students are the palpitating heart and the main beneficiaries of the university. By safeguarding morality, civility and culture, we believe we can educate powerful and knowledgeable citizens.”



The vice-presidency for Student Affairs

The vice-presidency for Student Affairs at Farhangian University is home to three affiliated departments. They include departments of Athletics and Recreation, Health and Counseling Services, and Center for Student Welfare, Services and Programs.  

This vice-presidency is responsible for the following undertakings:

  • Meeting the welfare needs of students
  • Developing standards of dormitory and nutrition affairs
  • Observing and controlling health and sanitation in restaurants, dormitories and sports spaces
  •  Looking into the students’ complaints about the deficiencies in services or any problem pertaining to the students’ services.
  •  Helping students to receive various student loans and offering them a variety of facilities
  •  Devising necessary plans to manage sports events, competitions and to arrange student festivals
  • Providing students with educational, career and mental health counseling as well as  medical safety and healthy lives
  • Employing physicians, counselors, trainers, coaches and dormitory supervisors.

Generally speaking, the mission of this vice-presidency is to promote the quality of students’ lives and provide them with a safe, welcoming and inspiring environment throughout their years of study at Farhangian University. 

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