About Farhangian Teacher Education University (FTEU)


Upon approval by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in 2011, all the teacher training centers in Iran with a century-long tradition in teacher education were merged into a single entity called “Farhangian Teacher Education University” (FTEU). The brand-new university began its activities in January 2012 by enrolling nearly 25000 undergraduate students.

 FTEU is an umbrella organization with around 64 main campuses and 34 centers evenly distributed in 32 provinces of the country. The campuses are teacher education centers that existed long before the new-brand university came into existence, indicating a major step toward redesigning teacher education tradition with an academic orientation. Farhangian University is governed by a board of trustees headed by the president of the republic.

The vision pursued by FTEU is: Training future teachers as Reflective Practitioners or teachers as classroom researchers with an Iranian identity. This noble idea is being translated in a 4 year program with a Competency Approach, adding up to 150 credit units with heavy emphasis on Student Teaching Component. Our professional belief: Teacher education is more coachable than teachable!!!

Students entering FTEU are employed by the Ministry of Education upon arrival, reflecting the government’s commitment to invest in this area and raise the chances of recruiting the best and the most talented candidates.

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