Vice presidency for Socio-cultural Affairs

Dr. Ali Mohammadi, Vice president for Socio-cultural Affairs

Socio-cultural development of higher education in Iran on the basis of Islamic-Iranian values has been put in agenda by all the universities across the country, but given the importance of educating human capital  in Farhangian University , the upper-hand documents of the Islamic Republic of Iran has attached much more importance to the socio-cultural activities of this university.

Farhangian University makes an attempt to materialize the slogan of “Teachers as Educators” in a bid to advance towards the excellence and development of the Muslim community. To this end, this university prepares the grounds for the promotion and development of the Islamic-Iranian model of education.


The Main Mission of this Vice Presidency are as follows:

1. To investigate, oversee and evaluate the socio-cultural activities of the university

2.  To manage and support cultural events and to organize cultural seminars at national level

3. To manage all social affairs including student cultural associations, scientific associations, Islamic organizations and student publications.

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