Vice Presidency for Education and Graduate Studies

Dr. Roshandel Arbatani, the Vice-president for Education and Graduate Studies


The Vice Presidency for Education and Graduate Studies consists of 4 departments including:

  • department of Administration General
  • Central Department
  • the headquarters
  • Management Department


The Main Missions of this Vice Presidency:

1. Short-term and long-term planning for the development of education and promotion of educational standards and overseeing the educational courses

2. To develop cooperation with the Ministry of Education in order to discover the needs for human resources and to supply the necessary grounds for meeting the needs within the framework of the university’s articles of association

3. To prepare the grounds for the development of inter-university cooperation in a bid to benefit from the experiences of other universities in enhancing the quality of educational activities

4. To re-design the Islamic Republic of Iran’s teacher education curriculum

5. Planning for recruitment of new faculty members

6. To prepare the grounds for enhancing the quality of education, reinforcing research orientation and teaching quality among the students

7. To develop higher education in Farhangian University


The Situation of Faculty Members and Educational Facilities

Farhangian University has a number of 755 faculty members with a background in teacher education  as follows:


Assistant  Professor

Associate  Professor

















Table 1. The Composition of Faculty Members


Admission of Students

Students of Farhangian University are admitted in 5 methods as in table2.


Number of Fields

Capacity for Admission by 2026

Method of Admission

It is a two-year full time program for the employees of the Ministry of Education

2 Fields including:

  • Primary Education
  • Education

According to the number of orders by the respective ministry

Associate Degree

This is a two year program for the teachers who hold an associate degree

14 Fields including:

  • Arabic Language and Religious Education
  • Persian Language & Literature Education
  • Primary Education
  • Experimental Science Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Psychology & Education of Exceptional Children
  • Consultancy Education- Profession Education
  • English Language Education- Education of Visual Arts
  • Teacher Education of Social Studies
  • Teacher Education of Physical Education &  Sports Sciences
  • 10000 students annually for education at the University
  • 10000 students annually for joint education with other universities

Bachelor Degree

These students are admitted with a diploma degree through a national entrance exam and after interviews and selections.

These student teachers study full time. Since the very first year of education, they get employed by the Ministry of Education and become committed to service. After graduation, they will work as teachers at schools.



16 Fields including:

  • Persian Language & Literature Education
  • Education of Visual Communication- Physical Education
  • Education of Geography
  • English Language Education- Education of Theology
  • Education of History
  • Education of Mathematics
  • Education of Arabic Language- Education of Biology
  • Education of Chemistry
  • Education of Social Science
  • Education of Physics-
  • Secondary Education
  • Education of Exceptional children

3000 students annually

Bachelor Degree


These three year full-time programs are offered for the School teachers who hold a bachelor degree. They are admitted through a national entrance exam.

11 Fields & 13 sub-fields including

  • Theology & Islamic Teachings: 1)  Fundamentals of  Islamic Jurisprudence & Law  2) Quran & Narration science
  • Persian language & Literature (education of Persian Language)
  • Education :1)Curriculum planning  2)Primary education
  • English Language
  • Biology
  • Education of Mathematics
  • Education of  Chemistry
  • Physical Education
  • Education of Physics
  • Education Management
  • Educational Psychology

800 Students Annually

Master  Degree

Those students who graduate from other universities and who are willing to be recruited by Farhangian University have to take this one-year full time program. The applicants are selected through exams.

The program includes 4 fields:

  • Instruction (1-for primary education,2- for exceptional children)  Teaching, Health Care and Educational Instruction
  • Secondary Education includes 10 fields:
  • Persian Literature, Social Science, Quran and Religious Teachings, Arabic Language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry,  Foreign Language, Physical Education and Mathematics

10000 students annually

Skill Learning



100 students annually



Table 2. Admission of students at Farhangian University

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